Guglielmo Emmolo, Caos Phaos, 2011, 3’20”

Guglielmo Emmolo

Guglielmo Emmolo, Caos Phaos, 3'20'', 2011 (3)

Guglielmo Emmolo was born in Catania in 1986 and grew up in Scicli, a small town in southeastern Sicily. He lives in Rome where he graduated in Literature, Music and Entertainment at the Faculty of Humanities, Sapienza University. Currently attending DAMS at University of Roma Tre, from 2010 he is working with the C.A.R.M.A. Besides working as assistant for the realization of some works of Lino Strangis and in the innovative format Intermedia Home for Immagic Art Web TV, he has already participated in the first and second edition of Arte Video Roma Festival and the sixth edition of Abstracta.

Caos Phaos, 2011, 2′ 20”

Chaos / Phaos is a physical and metaphysical journey, through dazzling flashes in the dark landscape of another dimension. A struggle between opposing forces, fighting but still mingling one with the other: light vs. dark, order vs. disorder. Both its visual component and the sound are constantly poised between circularity and linearity, stasis and movement. Even from a technical point of view, this work is the result of the encounter (or a crash?) between conceptually distant techniques: optical experimentation in shooting the swirling motion of air bubbles in a glass sphere in rotation and, on the other side, digital re-processing of the image in motion.


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