Mario Raoli, RGB, 2010, 6’35”

Mario Raoli


Mario Raoli, RGB, 6'35'', 2010

Born in 1981 in Rome, where he lives and works, Mario Raoli has studied Philosophy at Sapienza University of Rome, majoring in English Literature with a thesis on Italian influences in the English Renaissance theater of the Elizabethan period. After university, he begins his film career and works as assistant director and coordinator with directors such as Henry Pitzianti, Marco Turco, Stella Di Tocco, Mauro Mancini, Emanuela Rossi, Ivan Silvestrini, Giovanni Columbu, Giuseppe Tornatore, Liliana Cavani. In 2011 he completed the video B/W and is now working at two videos titled Narcissus #2 and Beating Heart in collaboration with the theater company Muta Imago. In 2010 he has realized three Video of Art: Madeleine in collaboration with the theater company Muta Imago that joined Festarte 2010, RGB, selected for VideoFormes 2011 and MicroReel 2011, and Narcissus, still unpublished. In 2008 he has produced two short films, Paper Daggers, directed by Marco Giallonardo, and the documentary Girls of Palmi di Stella Di Tocco, which won the Jury Prize at Bellaria Film Festival 2009. In 2008 he made his first video entitled Look.Blind.Eyes that participates in many festivals such as Archipelago 2008, Cortopotere 2008, Skepto Film Festival 2011.


RGB, 2010, 6’35”

Dawn in New York City. A normal day, the rhythm and the colors become blurred, some strange omen appears. As night falls, threatening clouds begin to thicken and the war, just before quite far away, arrives into the town. The earth trembles, the statue shakes. War becomes everything: present, future, memories. It invades everything and become the only possible reality.


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